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Marwa is the nervous system whisperer. She spoke to the anxiety and shame I was carrying in my gut and my body instantly responded to her. And now through her teaching i’m learning this language too. Marwa is gifted with natural wisdom, and a translucent heart, in addition to her extensive holistic knowledge and understanding of the nervous system, enabling her to hold space and guide very deep healing and cathartically transforming sessions even at a distance. This work enabled me to know in my gut what I was previously only able to know in my heart and head. Eternally grateful to Marwa

Mona Elshimi

Psychotherapist and screenwriter

My experience with Marwa has been extraordinary. Her passion for life, light and energy are contagious and will reach you anywhere in the world. And her friendly manners put me at ease straight away.

Marwa has guided me with so much empathy, compassion and understanding. With the ability to intuitively create and hold a safe space for me, empowering me to build confidence where needed, to reaffirm my beliefs and values, whilst challenging any negative thoughts and behaviours with gentle kindness

There is no doubt that Marwa has the integrity, the humour and the ability to open those closed boxes, which some of them I didn’t even know existed! It’s been such an insightful experience. After every session I’ve felt so positive and empowered to get closer to my authentic self and desires. I’m sure everyone who will have the pleasure to work with Marwa will feel the same

I can’t recommend her enough

Joana Zokos

Personal Blogger, Yoga instructor & Coach

Marwa was a perfect person to coach me at this moment of my life. Her energy of loving, caring and empowering coach made sessions very warm and powerful, she created and held a safe place for me to be vulnerable

I came to her with a romantic relationship issue but discovered much more than that, we went deeper into my emotions and fears behind them. Marwa helped me to see my fears, that I was aware of, from a new perspective

She helped me open my eyes on some blind spots. Overall, I would absolutely recommend Marwa as a coach, she has a gift for helping you transform your life

Natalia Pivovarova

Lawyer & Success Mindset Coach l Neurographaica

Coaching with Marwa dramatically improved my life in every area. Entering our coaching agreement I had experienced a recent breakup that had impacted all areas of my life and was struggling with this. Through coaching with Marwa and the transformation that I experienced I was able to reach a level of self-love I had never experienced, I was able to create deeper and intimate relationships with everyone in my life, my business started thriving and I was offered a position to coach overseas and accepted this and have since moved here and am now living my dream and my coaching with Marwa was a huge proponent in me being able to both create this and to thrive within it

Tyler Dudding

CRT Dating & Relationship Coach
tayler Marawa Metzler

Marwa’s informed coaching and healing guidance reconnected me to my heart, true self, and best intentions. Her skilled coaching allowed me to deconstruct the wall of resistance I had built and then reduce the heavy burden I had placed in my chest. After less than an hour that burden was diminished to a small shiny nugget of its former felt-self. What a relief!  I was seriously skipping and singing again after working with her.  Being coached by Marwa is simply a transformative healing experience. It is so much more than coaching. I cannot be more grateful for the clarity and understanding I achieved and the emotional release I felt. I was also given some additional guidance on how I may remind myself of this released feeling going forward, and how I got there

I highly recommend working with Marwa. She is a coach like non-other. Her approach combines many things that address the mental and physical elements that make us the messy humans that we are

This is shared with sincerely and much gratitude

Maxine Tolbert

Transitional coach & best life advocate at

I am so grateful to have had worked with Marwa. I worked with several coaches and noticed that she had a very unique and interesting approach that helped me dig deeper to understand each chakra and where I was leaking energy for each one. She uses stories, examples and analogies that help simplify meanings for things that might seem hard to get at first, and that really helped me understand and relate so what she said. With so many aha moments and deep self discoveries, I am forever grateful to Marwa and strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking to work with a coach that will always challenge you to become the best version of your life along. I have not just gained a deeper understanding of myself, but I have also made a friend for life! Thank you Marwa for everything, you are truly and amazing talented coach

Eman EL Halies

Product Support Specialist

I had a single session with Marwa which was mind blowing. I wanted to dig deeper into my money mindset in that session. But the awareness I got out of that session was extremely powerful for me. She made me go to the roots of the issue which uncovered the biggest obstacle in my life. The session helped me open up my mind in many areas of my life, not just in the money area. I always knew flexibility is the key for happiness, but in that session I got to realize that we truly are limitless if we are flexible. As I am spiritually inclined, she made me realize my issues in the spiritual aspect. Thank you so much for your empowering session Marwa! You
helped me broaden my world by making me realize how I was limiting myself because of the inflexibility of my own values. You are a powerful coach

Radhika Pennepalli

Software Engineer

Finding the right life coach can make all the difference
I kept searching for long years for the right match, until I found Marwa, and I am grateful to have found her after years of searching.
She has been phenomenal in helping me navigate through obstacles, find my truth, and achieve personal growth. Through her guidance and regular meetings, I have been able to make positive changes and exceed my desired results. To be honest, she was the only one who could link my past with my present in order to find answers to all questions I’d been asking myself for so long.
I highly recommend Marwa to anyone seeking the right match in a life coach.
!… She has been a vital part of  my personal growth  journey….
Thank you Marwa

Deema Abdelhadi

Strategy & Planning Manager

اللقاءات مع مروة عبارة عن خريطة للروح . في كل لقاء تناولت مهمة روحية مقدسة لأرتقي بذاتي و اكتشف نفسي الأصيلة التي تواجه المخاوف و الشكوك . الارشاد الشمولي الملم الذي تتبعه مروة في اللقاءات أعطاني شعورا بالكمال والأمان . بالإضافة للأدوات العملية التي زادت من تركيزي على أهدافي و اتخاذ خطواتي بثقة . أكثر ما أحب في تعامل مروة هو توجه الرحمة الذاتية , الذي ذكرني دائما بأني انسانة تعيش في واقع فيه الكثير من العوامل و أن جهودي مباركة و لها مكان في هذا العالم . بفضل اللقاءات استطعت التغلب على أنماط سلوكية لا تخدمني و إستطعت التقدم الى أهداف عملية و شخصية واضحة و واثقة .

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