My Coaching Manifesto

My pledge to you as your coach is this:

I see you….I hear you, I honour you and I thank you for showing up to do the work!

I promise you to stand as a pillar of strength and love while you learn to do that for yourself, but I will also hold you to an empowered standard of being!

My coaching program is designed to

All strategies & techniques are designed and delivered within the framework of coaching. I always ask my client’s permission beforehand for any exercise or technique I use during the session. My clients are the experts on their lives, my role is to mirror their reflection & challenge them lovingly to expand their options & embody possibilities BEYOND their limitations.

Teach you about our nervous system, the missing link in most healing approaches, and how to befriend it to access your subconscious mind and create the shift in your system.
Incorporate the body component focusing on the 0unity of the mind, body & spirit reflected in our psycho-neuro-endocrin-immunity systems.
Enhance your self-compassion practice by widening your understanding & connection with yourself beyond the conventional three dimensional world.
Include inner child work & therapeutic visualisation techniques to reconnect & reconcile with the part of you that is holding you back.
Employ emotional freedom technique, shadow work, archetypal patterns and NLP as part of my toolkit to help you release blocked emotions & integrate the different parts of your being.
Use advanced questioning techniques to help you gain awareness & Identify dysfunctional patterns & limiting systems.
Invite you to dig into your subconscious mind to uncover your own answers and find solutions that work for you.
Provide a non-judgmental space for you to balance-reflect & contemplate beyond your conditioned mind.
Support you as you develop new habits to sustain the great & grateful life you envision and embody.
Employ strategies that challenge you to stretch your comfort zone & move away from the black & white, all or nothing mentality into the more colourful infinite possibilities of mastery & excellency.
Empower you to sustain the new-born identity and rejoice in showing up to your integrated self.
Activate the power of self-love and compassion as the foundation of our being.

Our Coaching Relationship

As your coach, I serve as your guide, your companion, your mirror, your parachute, your escort and your biggest cheerleader on this path of growth. I help you find your blindspots, connect with your body (especially your heart ), and challenge your incoherent beliefs & actions that don’t align with your values.

Together, we dig into & identify the root-causes of your limitations and negative emotions buried deep into your subconscious.  We bring them to surface, neutralise them & allow them to transform to fuel your BEING, mobilise you into the DOING to step into your dream and HAVING the inspired life you envision.

Description of Coaching

Coaching is a partnership, a journey of introspective, expansion and transformation where thoughts, feelings and narratives go through a process of alchemy. You learn how your divine organic design in the form of our nervous system works, befriend it & activate your own inner sacred powers to heal, transform and create your desired reality.

Marwa Metzler in The Desert - Marwa Metzler Website
Marwa Metzler in Summer

My Coaching Approach

As a coach with more than two decades of personal and professional experience working with individuals & family systems, in different cultures & organisational settings creating leadership, empowerment and integration programs, delivering workshops and trainings in areas of trauma recovery, self-empowerment, diversity & spirituality, I have developed my own unique and distinguished style. I always seek to update and improve my approach to be of best service to my clients. At this stage of my career I follow a holistic, evidence-based, intuitive, trauma-informed model, which combines positive psychology, neuro-linguistic programming & solution-focused coaching with Leadership Embodiment. 

The 4 Steps of Beyond Coaching


it is all about your life's experience! Your own, script, story and individual map of the world!


it is all about YOUR own talents, gifts, resources & resilience! My role is to empower you to uncover & activate them!


it is all about integrating YOUR mind, body, heart & soul to live an aligned life!


it is all about YOUR progress, upgrading, and leveling up! But remember, new level, new devil!

1:1 Coaching

Choose the package that suits your needs, desires and recourses to work with me virtually.

Beyond Coaching Bronze Package

• 8 session of 60-90 min, 1:1 coaching with support in between sessions.

• One follow-up session, a month after the coaching ends.

Beyond Coaching Silver Package

• 12 session of 60-90 min, 1:1 coaching with support between sessions.

• One session of Tapping (EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique).

• One follow up session, a month after the coaching ends.

Beyond Coaching Golden Package

• 24 session of 60-90 min, 1:1 coaching with support between sessions.

• One session of Tapping (EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique)

• One Healing Reiki session

• One follow up session, a month after the coaching ends.

Group Coaching

Sign up for the next group coaching block where we focus on one topic that has to do with trauma recovery and healing the nervous system.

The Power Hour

A 60-90 minutes session designed to help you process a specific issue or challenge.

Ideally for those who would like to have one session of consultation and counseling with me on a specific topic.

It is also suitable for those who are ready to resolve a phobia, which is an irrational fear of something that limits and compromises the quality of their lives. Using a special NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) technique I can help you effortlessly let go of that phobic response & enjoy a more enriching, fulfilling life.

Also used to reduce intense emotions regarding a situation or a condition using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), known as the tapping solution to help you unblock certain emotions stuck in your system and find the root cause of your challenge.

Courses & Workshops

In-person and online trainings that aim to empower individuals to heal in a group-setting of like-minded and like-hearted people. Topic varies from healing our nervous system, to activating our sacred powers to empowering leaders and beyond!

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تعلّم تقنيّة تحرير المشاعر
يوم السبت 16\12\2023
الساعة ٦ مساءاً بتوقيت القدس

ما هي تقنيّة تحرير المشاعر أو ال EFT

تقنية تحرير المشاعر أو ال Emotional Freedom Technique 

هي تقنيّة تستخدم في منظومة العلاج البديل للألم الجسدي والاضطرابات العاطفية. ويشار إليها أيضًا بأسم

 ”الطرق“أو ”النقر“ أو ”الاكيوبنشر النفسي“ لانها مستندة على نظام طب الإبر الصينية.

ماذا ستتعلم في هذه الورشة؟

    • ما هي تقنيّة تحرير المشاعر أو النقر؟

  • كيف تؤثر هذه التقنيّة على جهازنا العصبي؟

  • متى نستخدم تقنيّة تحرير المشاعر؟

  • كيفية استخدام النقر للتخلص من المشاعر المجهدة والشحنات العاطفية المتراكمة في الجسد.

  • ما الذي تحتاج إلى الانتباه إليه بالضبط عند النقر حتى تتمكن من تحقيق التغيير

  • إجراء مفصل لتقنية النقر في ٦ خطوات.

لمن تصلح هذه الورشة؟

لكل شخص حابب يتعلم أداة بسيطة عمليّة و فعّالة لتنظيم الجهاز العصبي و ضبط المشاعر و الأحاسيس في الجسد الناتجة عن التوتر و الضغط النفسي.

هذه التقنية فعّالة خاصة مع الأطفال!

مدة الورشة

ساعتان-ساعتان و نصف

 تتضمن الشرح و الأمثلة العمليّة الحيّة و قسم الأسئلة و الأجوبة.

قيمة إستثمارك:

66 يورو، و تشمل كُتيّب عمل PDF بكل التفاصيل لاستخدامك الخاص و تلخيص لأهم النقاط، وتسجيل للورشة للمشاهدة فيما بعد.